Toni V. Fell Prize

Based at the Royal Academy of Music, this annual competition is open to the Music Theatre Course students. The competitors perform a speech leading to a song.

The Toni Prize 2012:

Adjudicators Hannah Waddingham & Gareth Valentine in the middle

with Howard Jenkins, James Hume, Louisa Roberts & Ulrika Bystrom


2008 Owain Williams

2009 Jack Summers

2010 Alex Young

2011 Dom Hodson

2012 James Hume, Howard Jenkins (2nd prize)

2013 Joe Leather, Alex Spinney (2nd prize), Beth Peach-Robinson (3rd prize)

2014 Guy Hughes, Boris Alexander (2nd prize), Richard Brindley (3rd prize)

2015 Aleshia Aires, Karoline Gable (2nd prize), Toby Hine (3rd prize)

2016 Charlotte Clitherow. Fransisco del Solar (2nd prize), Elissa Churchill (3rd prize)

The next Toni V. Fell Prize is to be held at the Royal Academy of Music on 10th May 2018 (date to be confirmed – please check Royal Academy of Music website)